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Individual Voluntary Arrangement

The ideological shift in government policy in the late 1970s from Social Democracy to liberalism has had a profound impact on British society. The liberalism of the financial services industry, plus a transition from collectivized risk as part of the welfare state to individualized risk, means that we now have a greater responsibility than ever to properly manage our financial affairs. Areas that once could be taken for granted now must be considered, such as: providing for retirement, ill health and unforeseen circumstances, as well as being conscious of the predatory temptations of the, sometimes, unscrupulous private financial service providers. Liberalism has created an environment of personal responsibility where our fortunes are tied to the overall performance of a market based economy and being risk averse is a necessity. However, the least secure members of society seem to be the ones who are faced with increasing financial pressure as the country’s overall debt levels spiral out of control, with no foreseeable end in sight. USD GBP.

With this in mind, it is important to seek qualified information and guidance about how to properly manage debt; as well as what options are available to reduce individual and household debt in order to buck this excessive trend. Getting qualified information on IVA, the acronym for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, is the first step towards overcoming the metaphorical debt mountain which is wearing you down. There’s no longer the need to be chained to the great rock of debt, destined for eternity to push it up the everlasting hill like a modern day Sisyphus attempting to do the duty which you seem to have been tied to. No, break those shackles, react against these predatory policies which have tricked you into debt. Few members of the public actually understand the intense mathematical equations which make up APR, try asking most financial experts to explain how the APR on your credit card works and it will take a chalk board and a box of chalk to explain it fully. You see, these institutions are set up with the intention of hoodwinking the citizen, or the modern incarnation as a consumer. The consumer society needs debt, the government knows this and so allows for banks and credit card companies to offer endless carrots to entice the public into ever more debt. This situation is the cause of boom and bust economics, an endless debt mountain is only good for the government of the day, who sees increased spending and therefore more tax in the treasury. Their interest is not the long term goal of the individual, or even the citizen, or our formely great country. Therefore, act today to get your IVA and fight back against this biased situation. Before you know it, you will be free of debt and able to return to a life of normality, freed from the creditors who are attempting to hound you for the money they tricked you out of. No, there is no need for you to feel guilty. It is not you who has failed, it is the society who have failed you. Government policy has not been acting in the interests of you, the normal citizen for too long now, and allowing the banks to write their own rules has led to unmanageable levels of household debt, which finally topped a trillion dollars in 2001. Truly an astounding situation to find a formerly prudent country in, and one which could well mean a return to the days of the treasury having to beg the IMF to provide a loan to bail them out. Perhaps we should put together an Individual Voluntary Arrangement for the government?!