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Ways To Be A Better Co-Worker

If you spend most of your time in the workplace than anywhere else, it is important that you build a good relationship with your co-workers. It will make going to work a pleasure because having friends at work can boost job satisfaction. If you’re struggling to relate with them because you are shy, stop feeling left out and take the first step by making yourself become available to your colleagues. Here are some tips on how to be a good co-worker and take part in creating a pleasant work environment. Who knows, your ability to connect with them may earn you a promotion.

  1. Smile and greet everyone.

    Avoid arriving in the office with head down and shoulders slumped. A simple smile will do wonders. Better yet, when you arrive in the morning, say a cheery “Hello!” People will be looking forward to your arrival as your enthusiasm brightens the office.

  2. Don’t scrimp on compliments.

    Don’t hesitate to give your co-workers praises on their achievements or random acts of kindness. If it makes people feel appreciated, then say it. This will spread positivity in the workplace. Give credit where credit is due.

  3. Learn how to small talk.

    Employee relations experts urge open communication in the workplace, and usually it starts with small talk. Companies benefit much from these independent consultants, as what you can read from Avensure reviews. By asking about a co-worker’s interests through small talk, you will be able to understand them more and find out if you have anything in common. Your co-workers will not only feel comfortable, you will most likely find a potential workplace best friend. It will also help you know how to get along with them, which is very important and will make your work life more pleasant.

  4. Solicit ideas.

    People usually like giving opinions on anything, so ask them what they think about, for example, how you should handle a certain situation. Don’t forget to thank them even if you don’t agree to their ideas.

  5. Have nothing to do with gossip.

    Avoid it like the plague. If a co-worker goes to you and starts sharing something, show that you are not interested. Try to change the subject or just get back to work. For more tips on how to deal with office gossip, a quick search on Google will lead you to some helpful articles.

  6. Respond promptly.

    Assume that your co-workers are busy and to take time to send e-mails or call you through phone just means that what they want to say to you is urgent. As much as possible, return calls or respond to e-mails promptly. If you ignore their messages, it will just tell them that they are not important to you, which is not helpful if you’re trying to win friends at work. However, if a co-worker starts to monopolise your time even after work, assert boundaries.

  7. Assume everyone is working as hard as you.

    Even if you don’t know what they are working at, it is important that you don’t assume that you are overworked compared to them or that your employers are clueless. Thinking those kind of negative thoughts will only make you resentful for no reason. Believe that everyone is doing their best. Be open-minded to new ideas and company changes.

  8. Be careful with the topics you bring up.

    Sometimes when you are so comfortable with everyone, you forget that there are certain topics that should be off limits. There are certain subjects that are so controversial that they bring awkwardness and can even offend some officemates, such as politics, religion, and even your sex life.

Always practice good office etiquette. If you make your co-workers feel respected and appreciated, no doubt they will be the same way to you.