Privacy Policy

Information on IVA strives to ensure that your personal information is protected and safe. Thus, we advise you to go through this privacy policy to understand how we secure, treat, and use sensitive personal information.

1. Information on IVA reserves the right to change the terms of this policy at its sole discretion without the benefit of prior notification. Thus, you should check this policy regularly to update yourself. You agree to hold Information on IVA free from liabilities, accountabilities, and responsibilities from any personal or business harm, loss, expense, or damage that may arise from changes to this privacy policy.

2. This privacy policy only applies to If you visit another website and online resource with the aid of a link in this site’s pages or by some other means, you are governed by the privacy policy of that website or resource. Information on IVA has no control over private polices of third-party websites or resources.

3. Upon using this website, Information on IVA may need you to share your personal information such as but not limited to user’s birth name, mailing address, e-mail address and contact numbers. This information is utilized

  • To provide you with information that you may require from Information on IVA
  • To answer your questions
  • To offer you interesting information
  • To provide you with information that you have subscribed to
  • To carry out signed contracts between you and Information on IVA
  • To enable you to use interactive capabilities of
  • To notify you about updates in the website
  • To facilitate communications between you and Information on IVA

4. The information you sent to us is recorded to track your correspondence with us. We treat your data with utmost confidentiality. Security measures are strictly implemented to protect your information. The information is kept in secure password-protected servers and is encrypted to prevent unauthorized intrusion and extraction.

You should understand, however, that transmitting information through the Internet entails an inherent risk of interception no matter how comprehensive the measures are. Therefore, Information on IVA is not assuring 100 percent safe fully secured transmission. Electronically sending personal data is entirely at your risk.

5. Information on IVA may share your personal information to third parties to improve your experience in using our website or to comply with legal obligations. In such a case, Information on IVA will get in touch with you for your permission.

6. The server of may send and install a cookie on your browser when you visit the website. A cookie is a piece of data that makes access to certain areas of the website faster and easier. We also use cookies to gather statistical data for analysis.

Note that a cookie is not an executable file. It cannot harm your machine. It does not extract information of any kind from your computer.

You may change the settings of your browser to stop receiving cookies. However, without cookies, you may be unable to access some parts of the website.

7. For more information, contact Information on IVA by filling out the Contact Us Form.