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The Budget Way To Housekeeping

Don’t want to spend too much money on cleaning your home? Same. And as much as we don’t like cleaning, we hate wasting money even more. So if you are having trouble with money but you need your house well-maintained, you’ve come to the right place. We are going to look through some tips in regards to housekeeping and saving money. Why? Because it’s always a good idea to save money, even if some people don’t need to.

Shop wisely and use coupons

What better way to save money than to be smart about buying things and then using the coupons? Abuse them as much as you are able.

Plan a cleaning budget

Making a budget plan is always going to be a good idea. Whether you are trying to budget your housekeeping finances or your food expenses.

Clean up stains ASAP

You are never going to get rid of that stain if you wait and let it sit. You should clean it up while it can still be cleaned. Letting it dry will guarantee a permanent stain.

Line dry your clothes

Stop using the dryer so much. If you want to cut back on the electricity bill, then utilise the sunlight. That’s free and the government hasn’t found a way for them to charge us on that yet.

Share a steam cleaner

Plan with a few of your family members or friends on buying a steam cleaner together. Share the costs with them.

Cut down on outside help

Do the cleaning yourself. You get to waste less money that way. Sure, it’s going to suck but at least you wouldn’t have to spend your money on hiring other people.

Reuse household items

If they still work then why not? Why bother with buying new stuff if you still have the things that still have some use in them?

Repurpose old newspapers

For window washing and drying mirrors! Stop wasting your money on other papers or something.

Make your own cleaning products

Again, why bother with buying expensive stuff when you can; a) reuse old stuff and b) make your own stuff? Take advantage of the internet and follow some DIY stuff.

Use lemon juice as bleach replacement

Lemons are much cheaper than bleach anyway. And they have the same results. Lemons happen to smell a lot better too and not have any chemicals.

Create your own air freshener

You can easily do this by boiling water with cinnamon sticks cloves and orange peels. Let it simmer. It’ll make everything else smell nice.

Maintain a tidy house

You’ll have a lot less trouble in your hands if you just keep the entire place clean and tidy.

Lifestyle changes are needed

  • Purchase easily-cared for fabrics
  • Use energy-efficient appliances
  • Use one-pot recipes for meals
  • Invest in entrance mats
  • Implement the “no shoe” rule