Choosing The Best Gate Intercom System
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Tips For Choosing The Best Gate Intercom System

If you are planning a front elevation makeover at home and that includes custom made electric gates, you will no doubt wish to incorporate an intercom system that allows you to communicate with visitors prior to opening the gate. This is an essential security feature to have, especially during these troubled times and with that in mind, here is a brief overview of gate intercom systems to assist you with your selection.

Video Options

All you need is a camera and a stable Internet connection and the live audio-video feed can be sent to your smartphone, with all actions implemented through the app. It doesn’t matter where you are in the house or garden, you will know when a visitor arrives and can instantly communicate. The ability to see who is at your gate is important when deliveries and services call on you and for complete peace of mind, having a cam fitted is the best solution.

Wireless Solutions

There’s no need for annoying cables with the current digital technology, with a base station and substations. The base station is installed at the gate exterior and allows visitors to contact the resident(s); this type of system is widely used for apartment buildings, where people are entering and exiting often, while the substation is installed inside the property at a convenient location. If you are worried about the cost of electric gates in the UK, it isn’t as costly as you might think, especially when you consider that the gates are custom fabricated to blend with the property.

One-Stop Solution

When you are looking for automated gates, search with Google for a custom gate company and ask them to send someone to your home where you can talk gates. They would have a range of intercom systems and can advise you accordingly regarding every aspect of the gate design. Materials include steel, wrought iron, aluminium, timber and stainless steel; or a combination, which can produce a unique look.

Gate Design

There are a few variables that determine the type of gate opening – available space, level of terrain, natural and man-made obstacles are just a few of the aspects to consider. The most popular is a single sliding unit, opening left or right, whichever is most suitable and this design does not require space directly behind the gate, allowing you to park vehicles close to the gate. It might be best to add a side door for pedestrians and the electric motor can be located below ground level, leaving your driveway uncluttered.

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Once a design is approved, the supplier would send a surveyor to take precise measurements for fabrication and the work can begin. An installation date would normally be 3-4 weeks from receiving the order and the average project would be completed in 1-2 days, depending on the amount of groundwork involved. If you would like to learn more about electric gates and intercom systems, search online for a custom gate manufacturer and see what they can do for you.