The Best Places To Find Recyclable Copper
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The Best Places To Find Recyclable Copper

You may not realise that copper is one of the most sought-after metals in the scrap metal sector and in this article, we have listed some of the places that you are likely to encounter copper that can be sold for recycling.

Old Home Appliances

Fridges, cookers, washing machines, dryers and old A/C units contain copper, although it can be quite a challenge to remove it. The best solution is to call a scrap metal dealer who will take the appliance away and what’s more, pay you for the privilege.

Demolition Sites

When buildings are demolished, there is a lot of copper in the electrical wiring and this is worth quite a lot of money. As an example, you can try searching on Google for ‘copper scrap dealers near me like Austick‘ who would pay top dollar for any scrap copper. If you visit many demolition sites in your area, don’t forget to check the price per kg offered by the scrap dealer. You could make some money by hauling scrap metal away for the site owner.

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Copper Roofing

Old properties might contain amounts of copper, as this material is popular due to its durability. If you are planning to replace your roof, take a look to see if there is any copper and if so, ask the roofer to leave it in a pile and you will get good money for this from a local scrap yard. Flashing is often made from copper because of its malleability and high insulation properties and once cleaned up, this would fetch a good price from a scrap metal dealer. Roofing contractors come into contact with copper flashing and sometimes, with a clean-up, the flashing can be reused, as it can easily be reshaped. Otherwise, it is sold to a scrap dealer.

Plumber’s Yard

Plumbing is one trade that works with copper piping and a plumber’s yard would be the ideal place to find some scrap copper. Some would already have a deal with a free scrap metal collection Canberra service, who would pay the going rate and also collect the material. Still using Google, you can find a similar service close to your location. Copper tanks are another prized item that could be worth a lot of money; old tanks were typically made from copper and should you be renovating and come across an old tank, don’t throw it away!

Electronic Appliances

There is copper wiring in all electronic appliances and while some have more than others, your local scrap dealer would likely take them off your hands. Laptops, desktop PCs and even portable stereos are worth something to the scrap dealer, who has working relationships with many recycling plants; indeed, many of the components can be effectively removed and recycled. Check with the scrap dealer’s website regarding electronic appliances; some may require you to pre-sort the materials, while others will accept the device and will do the sorting themselves.

As you can see, there are quite a few places where recyclable copper can be found and whether a little or a lot, talk to your local scrap yard and ask them to collect your copper and they will pay you in cash and take it away for free.