A Guide To Using Google Trends For Marketing
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A Guide To Using Google Trends For Marketing

Google has risen to be the king of data collectors and there are a million and one ways to use data for marketing; the number one search engine offers a mine of valuable data. Enter Google Trends, a free tool that enables you to find out the frequency that specific search terms are used. Of course, this is very valuable data, as it tells you the most popular search terms that are used when people are trying to find a product or service.

As a marketer, you always want to be where your target audience is. You want to know what they’re talking about, what they’re interested in, and what their needs are – that’s where Google Trends comes in. Google Trends is a free tool that lets you see how often particular terms are being searched for on the internet. This can be a valuable resource for marketers, as it can help you to identify trends and patterns in customer behaviour.

Finding Specific Data

Whatever the industry, if you are looking for specific data, the ‘explore’ feature allows you to search for relevant articles or reports; for the best out of Google Trends, talk to an online marketing agency Cardiff or your location offers, and let them elevate your digital profile to drive organic traffic to your website. You can explore by region, district state or country and with the help of a web agency, you can formulate an aggressive online marketing plan that will deliver results.

Determine Seasonal Patterns

If you can forecast demand, this really helps you; Google Trends is able to predict over time, seasonal patterns, giving you a clearer picture of what is coming. Take boots as an example, you might want to see how boots sold over the previous 12 months, or you might want to check for the previous 5 years; Google Trends can show you that data, which could help you formulate your marketing strategy.

See What Your Competitors Are Doing

Yes, Google Trends can be used to see how a rival company is doing. Simply enter the required data and you will see the search terms being used, along with other data. This can help you to make slight changes to your marketing strategies and content, giving you a slight edge, which is never a bad thing.

Cutting Edge Stuff

Another way to use Google Trends is to search for cutting edge content. Every industry has the latest developers who are at the front line, and knowing more about future tech can certainly help with marketing. You might be working on something hush-hush and would like to know if there’s anything out there, as others might also be heading down the same road.

Professional Help Is At Hand

To maximise the benefits from Google Trends, you need to enlist the services of a good digital marketing agency; they have a team of experts who can assess your current digital profile and can put together an effective online marketing plan that will drive traffic to your landing page. Even if you did have the time, your digital marketing efforts would never compare to that of an agency and they tailor their services to suit the client; some businesses need SEO, while others need to focus on social media. To conclude, Google Trends is a very powerful marketing tool, especially when in the hands of an experienced online marketer.