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What To Look For When House Hunting

Finding the right house is hard. You KNOW what you want and need but sometimes LOOKING for it is the hard part since, depending on where you are in the world, there aren’t a lot of houses to even look for. Still, if you really are determined to buy the perfect house for you, go out further and look at the 10 things to consider before buying a house.


Is the location any closer to the schools and your work area? How about the noise from the traffic, are they going to be a problem? Are your pets, if you any, going to be safe roaming around the area?


Is the home perfect for you? Is it well-elevated? Do the windows look out fine and are they directly going to be looking at your neighbours’ windows and vice versa? How about the yard? Is it safe for your kids and pets?


Not only should the neighbourhood be friendly, it has to be safe too. Is there someone in the neighbourhood that has past criminal record or something? Are there any creepers that creep on kids? All that security jazz.

Home’s curb appeal

Hey, is the house matching up to your lifestyle too? Like, if you’re the busy body type, does the house reflect that? Is the sidewalk leading up to the house safe to walk on too? Is it prone to any earthquake attacks?

Size and floor plan

Choose a home that accommodates whoever is going to live in it. Do you have a family that will live with you? In that case, think about how much room the house has and how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has.

Bathrooms and bedrooms

Like the one stated above, make sure that the number of these rooms match with how many people you have. It’s also a neat idea to have an extra room just in case in the future you’re going to have guests or future family members.


This is an important part of the house so make sure that the kitchen works and needs less remodelling if ever since remodelling costs a lot.

Storage and closets

We tend to have some extra objects, belongings and stuff with us. Is the new house capable of storing these things? Like the Christmas decorations that you will need to store away before the season is finally here.

Lighting and the windows

Make sure that every room has decent lighting. Also, it doesn’t hurt to check if the windows are tick enough and safe. They also need to be giving proper light to the house the way they are supposed to.

Finishing touches

Finishing touches are little extras that make a house a home. Like the fireplace and the garage, if ever you have a car that needs a garage for it.