5 Common Mistakes That New Homeowners Make
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5 Common Mistakes That New Homeowners Make

If you have recently become the proud owner of your very first property, there’s a lot to take on board. Building maintenance is part and parcel of property management. There are also pitfalls along the way. In order to help you navigate property ownership, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Failure To Carry Out Building Inspections

While your new home might be in perfect condition when you receive the keys, things do deteriorate. The best way to keep on top of building maintenance is to arrange an annual building inspection. This should include the foundations, the structure, and the roof, which is a critical component. Any minor issues should be remedied sooner rather than later. You could, for example, have a small leak at the rear of the roof. If this is not spotted, it could lead to serious timber damage to joists and rafters.

Using Inferior Materials

When planning for home improvements, price should never be the driving force, rather you should make sure you use quality materials that will stand the test of time. With regard to building materials, whether you are looking for hardwood flooring or a solid timber benchtop from a reputable timber flooring showroom Melbourne property owners rely on, Google is your best friend and can help you source high-quality materials at affordable prices.

Inadequate Home Security

Thieves are always looking for homes that are not protected. In order to prevent becoming a crime statistic, you should at least have video surveillance, which is a great deterrent. Put some motion sensors on your exterior lighting and that will also deter any would-be intruders.

Failing To Budget

Moving into a new home is a very costly exercise and the expense doesn’t end with the house purchase. There are fixtures and fittings to acquire, not to mention furniture and this can all add up, leaving you broke. Prior to making the decision to commit to the purchase, you should crunch the numbers to ensure that you have the money required to move in.

Overlooking The Exterior

While we tend to focus on the interior of our home, it is the outside that has to face the weather. We all know how harsh the climate can be, especially for those living in Australia. If your home is bricks and mortar, do check that the pointing is not eroded. If it is, call in a local builder to repoint where necessary. All woodwork should be regularly inspected and repainted when necessary. The driveway is also liable to erode over time. Let’s not forget cleaning out the guttering and downpipes, which tend to be clogged with small branches and wet leaves and if blocked, will send rainwater cascading down the exterior walls.

Owning your home is a milestone in every person’s life and with lots of TLC, your investment will grow in value and you will have considerable equity. For young couples, it can be extremely difficult to be in a position to buy real estate, what with saving up the deposit and the many expenses that come with buying real estate.